a. Own contents

MF will not be responsible for the misuse of the contents, and reserves the right to update, delete or limit them in a temporary or permanent way.

As for links form third parties to the mobifriends.com website, they have to meet the following:

- They must link to the MF home page, giving access to the page without reproducing any of its contents
- They must not be done in a way where the MF contents appear as being part of the third party website where the link is placed, and it will not insert borders on the MF website
- The link must open a new browser window
- They will not include statements about the MF website leading other to think that there is a collaboration relationship between the third party and MF
- The third party website that wants to link to MF website must follow current law

In case of doubts please send your queries to MF’s contact email address stated in the chapter “Titularity” or send it from the “Contact” area of the website.

b. Other contents

- Contents published by Users

Users authorize MF to use, distribute and modify the contents published in case that technical adjustments are needed to allow MF to give the service.

With the aim of informing Users about the criteria followed by MF to exercise the pre-control prior to publishing of a content, below are detailed the requisites that must be met by the Users’ completed texts and photos to be published:

o Requisites to be met by texts:
• They must answer to the questions requested in each particular case
• They must avoid vulgar expressions, insults, threats or expressions not adequate to the objective requested

o Requisites to be met by photos:
• The photos must include only the image of the User, and not from another person, although they can appear on a second term.
• Photos that are not in accordance with the objective of publishing of the User’s image of allowing other r Users to know the User physical appearance cannot be included.
• Minimum resolution must be 125x125 pixels.
• Maximum allowed size is 72 pixels/inch.
• Images cannot be vulgar or inadequate, or that may not be in accordance with current law.
• They must be photos taken by the User himself or for which he has the exploitation rights, so it allows MF its publishing and public communication.

- Third party contents

The website mobifriends.com contains and area called “links” where Users can access other organizations’ websites. MF does not control or monitor these websites or their contents. If a User detects that any of the contents is against the law o harms rights or goods of a third party, he can direct his comments to mobifriends@mobifriends.com so the link is cancelled or appropriate actions are taken.